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Van Gogh's "Starry Night" is the impressionist's view of a church steeple pointing to a beautifully chaotic cosmos above a slumbering earth.

Welcome! We invite you to join us on an adventurous journey for the mind as we explore the works of researchers and writers from various fields of study pertaining to some of the most mysterious and controversial subjects in the realm of science, theology, and the human experience. Interwoven throughout these unique scholarly works is a single "golden thread of truth" that makes an elegant connection on a level of reality that is no longer inaccessible to inquisitive minds. This website presents alternative knowledge on subjects that have captured the attention of billions of persons worldwide throughout history, such as: Biblical theology, spirituality and eschatology, extraterrestrial life and UFO's, Intervention Theory and cosmology, the history and development of ancient civilizations, and today's portentous global events.

One such study, entitled "On The Wings of Angels: The Extraterrestrial Theology of the Hebrew Record", is a unique interpretive work that offers a tradition-busting exegesis of the Hebrew and Greek biblical translations from a modern perspective on cosmology that acknowledges the UFO reality. It demystifies the question of contact and communication with extraterrestrial intelligences and Unconventional Flying Objects (UFO's) found in the ancient sacred texts from a modern perspective that acknowledges the preponderance of empirical evidence and testimony. Subjects examined in other works include a scholarly expose' of the authentic biblical view of heaven and hell, an analysis of the dubious origins of Trinitarian theology, an enlightening essay on the nature, names and appearance of God(s), angels, demons, and other cosmic beings that have impacted human history and culture, and views on several spiritual topics that are not normative to religious discussion.

Readers are strongly encouraged to peruse the many fascinating works in the Essays and Articles section where there is a wealth of alternative knowledge on a variety of topics. Whether one's interests are secular or theological, this website is designed to appeal to those who "think outside the box". Scholars from all fields of study are invited to contribute commentary, critical opinion and relevant works for possible inclusion on this not-for-profit website. Thoughtful questions or comments are always welcome.