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Theology and Spirituality

The Ism's of Christianity: Lies the Devil Taught Me by W.L. Graham

The Problem with “God” by W.L. Graham

For previously recommended VIDEO LECTURES, DEBATES, and INTERVIEWS featuring respected theology professor and Bible language translation scholar Bart Ehrman, please search YouTube and numerous works available online addressing the history of translation problems, errors and inconsistencies found in the Christian Bible

God Hates Religion by James A. Fowler

A Synopsis and Analysis of the Thought and Writings of Jacques Ellul by James A. Fowler

Did You Know? Thought provoking facts from scripture that may surprise you by David J. Heintzman

The Faith Once Delivered— Does evangelical theology stand on a firm foundation? by David J. Heintzman

E.T. and God: Could earthly religions survive the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe? by Paul Davies

Sound Familiar? Understanding Islamic End-Time Beliefs by Rod Dreher

A Case Against Hell by M. Aiken

The Real Meaning of Lazarus and the Rich Man by Ernest L. Martin, Ph. D

UFO Revelation (The complete published work) by Dr. Barry Downing

Geopolitics, Global Events and Conspiracy Theories

UFO Secrecy and the Death of the American Republic by Richard M. Dolan

A View from the Eye of the Storm by Haim Harari

The Unholy Alliance—Christianity and the NWO (Parts 1 and 2) by Eric Jewell

The End of Civilization by Dave Eriqat

Waiting for the Rapture in Iran by Scott Peterson